Mahjong 3D

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Meet the game Mahjong 3D with colourful three-dimensional graphics.

The game Mahjong 3D is significantly different from the usual puzzles of this type. There are many similar puzzles in the game space, the competition is great, but this mahjong is beyond the competition. The action of the game develops gradually, you will be offered to go through a detailed training level, and only then you will proceed directly to puzzle solving. At first, the levels will seem to you too simple. But then the levels will constantly complicate and add interesting elements that make mahjong unusual and not like the others. Remove pairs of tiles with identical patterns.

Use bonus tiles, enjoy a beautiful game on any device. The tiles here are non-standard. When searching for side elements, the playing field can be twisted. The elements themselves also look unusual. Moreover, during the level, they can change and even turn into bonuses. Bonuses can disappear as they appear, so it is better to use them immediately.

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